Ready to walk!

Packed and ready to go! Of course, since I packed the gear bag, I have decided not to stay in the tents! It just doesn’t make sense to stay only one night. I have to drive to camp sight on Day 3 anyway since I will return home to attend Alex’s final football game. So, I will just call a cab tomorrow and come home, then drive out and park in the neighborhood just outside the camp. Since the Day 2 route begins and ends there, I just hop back into my car and head out to Murrietta. Anyway, long explanation for me to say I am coming home each night. I went through the full experience the first two years so I wont feel like I am missing out. But now, I am sleepy. I have to get up at 4:30am so that I can eat something before having Nick drop me off before 6:00am. Opening Ceremonies are at 6:30. Walking begins at 7:00. I probably wont get onto the route until nearly 7:30 unless I am lucky enough to get up front. I dont want to start out too early anyway or else I will pass work before everyone is there! I am calling them at the bottom of the Torrey Pines grade so that they can come out and cheer when I reach the top just across from our building. So I may post a Day 1 update tomorrow 🙂 Feel free to call and leave messages on my cell phone. I will have it with me and will check it at each rest stop. The other advantage to coming home is being able to recharge the phone each night. Thanks again to everyone who donated. I am off!

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