New Years Resolutions

Yes, its corny, but these have been very important to me over the years. It really mentally comes together for me this time of year since my birthday is just 3 days away, so I start anew in a couple of ways. These are in no particular order:

1. Be personally fiscally responsible. In other words – stop spending! If you don’t need it, don’t buy it. Start the year without spending on c/cs for at least 60 days.’ll be ok!

2. Workout at Curves between 120-150 times this year. 10-12 per month. Same pace I was keeping the last 6 months of 2005, just keep it going.

3. Health maintenance – stay committed to buying only organic meats and fresh produce. Stay away from fast food! Need to reduce reliance on Claritin and Ibuprofen to live. Sinus headaches must have a trigger, and I suspect its diet related. No more milk or ice cream 😦

4. Read BOOKS, not just magazines! – reduce evenings at the computer to every other night. Read the other ones.

5. Emote. It’s time to shake off that famous Capricorn shell of reserve! At least allow a few cracks now and then. You are in the most secure place ever in your life. Now is the time. Follow up later with some ideas of HOW to achieve this – maybe daily attempts? Will be reveisited.

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