Lazy Saturday check-in with preview

So far today: worked out, coffee run, nail appt, finish 1099’s for baseball managers as well as their paychecks for Jan, filed DS1s taxes (using Tax ACT this year which I like), updated my budget and paid bills, logged baseball dues payments and ran c/cs. Oh yeah, and laundry. Thank heavens DS2 completed all his schoolwork so he is back to being able to play his electronic games! Had a nice conversation with DS2’s baseball coach about one problem player on the team too.

Warning: I am about to rant about parents who make excuses for their kids! Skip this if it offends. This one child is such a terrible behavioural problem on the team! He harasses the other kids to no end and unfortunately DS2 is one of them. At the beginning of the year DS2 would get in trouble for the way he reacted to this boy without us really understanding what was happening. The coaches have since figured things out though. Still, they get NO cooperation from the parents! Instead, they get nasty emails challenging how their child is played during games. And the one time I did try to talk to the father because I had noticed it was our two kids getting into trouble, his response was: “Well, R has ADD so he doesn’t know how to listen.” Huh? I’m sorry, but I know MANY families with ADD children and once disgnosed and properly treated, those childern are still very much expected to and are fully capable of listening! Apparently when the manager spoke to them about R’s behaviour the response was similar – excuse excuse, no punishment or advice on how to improve the situation. Grrrrr. Ok, end bad parent rant.

DS2 and I are going to play some games now before dinner, but I wanted to document very quickly the beginnins of my polical essay. The basis of this is my transformation from being a moderate Republican to a fairly liberal Democrat. My scores on this site were -5.75, -5.44 which lands me in the middle of the lower left grid. It has been a 15 year process from voting for Reagan in my first Presidential election to re-registering as a Dem in 1999. I realized this week that the beginnings of this are rooted in a research project I did my freshman year at UCSD on the environmental impacts of pesticides. The basis of my report was Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”. I chose the topic because I have been an avid bird watcher since I was 10. Ok, to be continued…

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  1. I appear to be another Gandhi. Not totally surprising in that I certainly admire him far more than any of the other examples given on the chart.



  2. Dr. Phil would WHOLE heartedly agree on the rant, as do I. TOO many kids diagnosed with ADD and drugged in my OPP…how about some quiet time reading with them or sitting down to dinner rather than playing the “my kids have more activities than yours” game. Stop the madness and you go girl!!!


  3. Just to clarify – my rant was against excuses made by parents, not ADD or medicating kids for it. Believe me, I know PLENTY of kids who were clearly in need of that kind of help and their lives are much better for it. Yes, it certainly does seem like the “diagnosis du jour” for them moment, but having personally seen the benefits I don’t think its that awful. But of course even medication has to be followed up with certain behavioural standards that must be implemented by the parents. A step this family is clearly missing!


  4. In fact, as you said so well, Christina, excuses for poor behavior suck.
    My daughter has ADD. For years and years, we resisted giving her medication, hoping that counseling and “sitting quietly” alone would help. But, at no point, were excuses offered for her sometimes disruptive behavior. There was no improvement over time. So, now, she takes meds. And, with the medication, she is really so much happier with herself because she is more in control of herself. Her grades and her relationships with her peers are just a million times better.
    Perhaps ADD is over-diagnosed. But, there are times when medication is definitely called for. And, the morons who say otherwise have no f***ing idea what they’re talking about.


  5. Oh, and my compass allegedly puts me at -2.00 and -4.51. But, some of those questions were too ambiguous for me. So, I’m not sure what it means.

    I too was a republican through Reagan. I started to leave the party when bush decided on Quayle. I started noticing what these guys were doing to the world. I started realizing that I could no longer support them at al.



  6. Christina, I like the political thingy. I seem to be more extreme than the Dalai Lama, Nelson mandela and Ghandi 🙂 My scores were Economic Left: -7.88 Social Libertarian: -6.62

    No wonder I feel alone …. At times!


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