Another priceless moment

Tonight I took DS2, DS1 and the girlfriend to the Del Mar Fair. It was supposed to be just DS2 and I but then I remembered that DS1 was off work today and I called him. SO glad that I did!
On a side note for a second: I really really like the gf. It was really fun having her there. DS1 has good taste!
I realized that in all the years of going with the boys, I had not been with both in many years. Certainly not since DS2 was old enough to ride Our Ride. About 8 years ago DS1 introduced me to Xtreme. As a former total chicken shit when it comes to rides, he got me on it when I was in my daredevil period of trying things out more than usual. Well, this one is IT. The ultimate ride for me. And the fact that it is only here for a short period each year makes it even more special. So for several years he was my riding buddy (SP is now the resident chicken-shit). For a couple of years I pretty much went alone, one year I got Jacqueline on with me and then finally DS2 was tall enough to ride. Ever since then he is as hooked as me and he is my new riding buddy. Tonight, I finally got to ride it with DS1 on my left and DS2 on my right. Man, it was a good damn thing that ride goes so fast because I had some tears welling up, I tell ya! I looked over at DS1 with his currently long black hair flowing in the wind, a big grin on his face and I nearly lost it thinking how riding with both of them together might never have happened. Then the right swung me up in the air and I screamed at the top of my lungs and just laughed with them.

3 thoughts on “Another priceless moment

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  1. Long black hair? We need a picture of that. What a great time it sounds like you had. Both of those boys are so great!


  2. Sounds like a memorable time for everyone!! There was a car in front of me today that had a “Torrey Pines” sticker on the back windshield and I did a double-take trying to recall where I’d heard of it before…then I remembered 🙂


  3. Bina,
    I am glad to hear one of my sisters are happy. I am glad you got your moment with your growing boys. I hope you heal well. Know that even though we’ve never met, I hold you in my heart.
    Hugs Smooches and healing energy,


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