Update from the east coast

Happily settled in at Chez Ratliff tonight. Finally have decent internet access. The hotel’s was useless in the room. However, the entire weekend has been fabulous as usual. Terrific weather!!! So clear and actually warm! Only one day that you would call typically cold fal weather in Maine. We went to see lighthouses and shopped and walked and talked and ate and shopped and walked and talked and…yes, there is a pattern there! Today as the August moms started heading home, my sweet, perverted, wacky bob-friends (and Bill!) decended upon the hotel. Polisigh had arranged for a lovely room for us all to have brunch at the hotel. The hotel manager even made us menus that said Cheers and Jeers get together! More eating and drinking and talking. Danno and I pretty much dominated with baseball talk at one point. Gosh it is cool to meet an actual scout who worked for the Mets! He even told me some nice Piazza stories. Meeting my sweet sister Patti was so wonderful. We almost didn’t since her stupid work tried to schedule her for today. Heh. We smiled and laughed so much that I think my cheeks hurt. IOW – just a terrific way to end my weekend. Ok, no, THIS is the perfect way to end it – sitting in Tandy’s living room with all of us (her, Christian and I) at our computers as we munch on snacks and prepare to watch the Padres play Game 4 against the Cardinals. Oh – lobster!! I ate a whole freaking lobster here Friday night! Cracked it right out the shell which was my first time doing that. Even sucked the meat out of the legs. Yummy. I do miss my boys and am very much looking forward to being home tomorrow night, but as always, the annual August moms weekend has been a weekend of love and laughter and good friends and good food and just plain fun.

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