Icky teeth

So the dental woes continue – not sure if I ever posted about them before and too tired to search if I did!! The Bad Dentist from last year who did the last fillings told me that I should have the two upper wisdom teeth – that erupted years ago and have been fine until a year ago – taken out. She was going to refer to an oral surgeon. At the time, I was completely getting the “I’m just trying to suck money out of you” vibe from her so I did not listen and took my business elsewhere. But, as she had warned me, the last fillings she did were not sufficient to rebuilt the proper spaces between those last two molars on either side and food has indeed been getting stuck and hurting my gums terribly. Normally the irritation alternates from one side to the other. Anyway, enter the New Dentist who DS2 and I saw in April and she tells me the same thing BUT says there is no need to refer out to an oral surgeon since they are indeed not impacted wisdom teeth but simply molars in the way back that need to be pulled. No gum digging needed. Ah HAH – an honest dentist. Still, as I have mentioned, money is tight and I knew that even for that procedure there will be out of pocket so I told her we could discuss it at my next scheduled visit in October. However, since I signed the paperwork last Friday for the LOC that is paying off all my consumer debt (and giving me more of a tax break), I thought I could call now and ask for an estimate. Well, wouldn’t you know it right about then something more than just food getting stuck started to hurt on the left side. I think it is a cavity that they saw developing which will need filling after the wisdom teeth come out. Anyway, that has more permanently eliminated the elft side as a viable chewing option. Naturally over-reliance on the right side has now created food build up in the gums which I just cannot get rid of completely. So the whole mouth seems to hurt now. I have an appointment for the 10th. It cannot come too soon!! In the meantime I am eating soft foods. Yogurt, soups, anything that does not hurt. And I have a Board of Trustees dinner to attend Sat night for work. Sigh…..

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  1. Oh, sore teeth are the worst. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Even though money is tight, I encourage you to have the dental work done — perhaps the dentist will agree to a payment plan. If you put it off, you’ll end up with bigger problems. BTDT.


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