Busy busy

There may be a break in postings here (watch, now that I voice that, I’ll post 3 times a day!). I’ve been madly catching up on all the chores I said I would get done while SportsBoy is gone. Since I have been keeping myself busy being a social butterfly instead, I needed to hunker down and focus! So the scramble continues which I guess may not really slow down until I return from Chicago! I do promise to load more pictures in the flickr account very soon. Maybe even tonight as I have some more cute ones of the cats and will have some more. SP found a harness for Amber so we may take her *outside*! I did forget to mention that I let them come out back with me over the weekend. I was puttering around the yard so I let them join me. I left the back door open. Chip refused to budge past the door ledge. He just sat there and sniffed and made occasional cooing sounds, but wanted NO PART of physically being outside. Clearly the trauma of the one night out is still with him (good!). Amber promptly jumped on the fence and walked the full length of it and then jumped over into the back neighbor’s yard. Sigh….I watched her over there jump around the ground cover and chase a couple of butterflies and I kept talking to her. After a few minutes she started meowing back and then more intensely and then she let out a bit of a howl and came back over. So, she is brave enough to get out of sight for a few minutes, but then gets the urge to come back. Still, she wont be allowed out without a harness from now on. And I really don’t *want* her outside at all, but she really loves it so I am trying to come up with a compromise for her.

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  1. I’d love to see how Pumpkin would play outside, but alas, not here. Unless we got a harness for her. Maybe… she does need some extra exercise. She has this belly that jiggles like jello from side to side when she scampers about the house. It kind of cracks me up, but at the same time, I’m trying to lower her food intake. She’ll be getting diet kittie food next time she needs it. Hard to believe she went from such a small lil thing to a squishy-bellied one.
    Glad to hear kidlet made it back safely. Have fun with football and all! See you soon. 🙂


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