Return to semi-normalcy

Back to work today – yay! No more sitting in front of the tv obsessing over where the fire line is and which homes are burning (or not).  Interesting article in the paper today about developments that are considered “Shelters in place.” Seems to have worked with these exclusive communities. Now, to move these ideas into lower scale developments in fire danger areas – which we learned this week is *everywhere* in So Cal during a Santa Ana. Got word yesterday from football and baseball families that they all made it through with houses intact. Given that several do live in Rancho Santa Fe, that was a relief to hear. Sportsboy came to work with me today and has actually done some work too! It’s just been great to get out of the house. Tonight he can finally go to his dad’s. It was really his week to be there, not with me, though it was awesome that he was here since I felt better knowing where he was and because he was a huge help with the cats. Back to work – thanks for all the calls and comments. It’s been a week eh? Yeesh!

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  1. Reminds me of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy when Ford and Arthur are picked up from the vacuum of space at an improbability ratio of (something really high), and after Trillan was done reading off the improbability ratio she said we have normality and then, a minute after clicking off the mike she said anything you still can’t cope with is your own problem (or something like that).

    Welcome back to normal.


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