The Real Sunday

“There’s more than one answer to these questions pointing me in a crooked line
And the less I seek my source for some definitive – closer I am to fine”
Indigo girls

You see, Wednesday felt like Sunday. SP came by that night and mentioned that and he was right. It was a very odd week of course and being at home for 3 days of what should have been school and work and NOT for a good reason was very unsettling. Going back to work Thursday, of course it felt like Monday! But today really IS Sunday. And a very re-assuring football Sunday at that. Clean up is about done. No more visible ash inside at least. Laundry is going. Yes, it’s really Sunday.

One more fire wrap up thought. The evacuation process was really educational. Everyone should practice it really. I know that the experts tell you all sorts of things, but here are some things I discovered while actually doing it:

  • Make sure all your photos that you would want to save are in one place. For me, all photo albums are on one shelf in my bookcase. Easy to grab that way. All loose photos are in one plastic storage container with a lid that is under my bed. Grab and go.
  • Keep important documents in one place. I have a zipper notebook that holds my trust documents. Into that I have slipped my other important identification and insurance documents. Actually, what I will do is put of copy of each in the safe deposit box that I bought to hold my trust docs. A copy of my ss card, birth certificates, passports will all go there as that is really the safest place for those. Still, all of my copies will now be in that one notebook so that all I have to do is grab that.
  • Tax files – again, all in one drawer. I have two empty plastic containers which this week ended up holding my tax files and the baseball club’s files. Took me 2 minutes to fill them up.
  • Don’t forget basic toiletries and clothes! I thought everything I needed was in the car – then I remembered that a change of clothes and toothbrush might be nice! Think of it as packing for a weekend away just in case it does take a couple of nights to get back – or, to get access to help or stores in case of an actual loss.

I was able to put all of that together and in my car within 30 minutes on Monday – and I had not ever thought about how to do this! With some fine tuning, I can get packed and out the door in 15 and that is how I will arrange things now. And then hopefully I will never have to do it again!!

I have fallen prey to some peer pressure and signed up this year for NaBloPoMo. It is a writing challenge to post on your blog every day during the month of November. Eek! Be prepared for weirdness. I am sure I will be dredging the bottom of the barrel many days.

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  1. Those are good tips. Around here, our natural disasters tend to call for taking cover not evacuating. One of the problems with tornados is that there’s no good way to protect your valuable papers and photos, but, of course, house fires could happen anywhere.

    I haven’t figured out how to post the NaBloPoMo logo on WordPress blogs either!


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