Move 2008!!

OK readers – here is your official launch of the Move 2008 exercise challenge. At this point the following readers have expressed interest – naturally anyone can join in at any time: Calvin, Ramblingmom, Robin, Shermeister, Virgomusic, LSM and Suzthorn.

I received requests for weekly update posts and also to count aerobic minutes vs exclusively mileage. I agree with that as I think the best way to do this given our geographical and climate differences is to measure both. Personally, while I know my climate is quite supportive or year-round walking, I know that time constraints will prevent me from walking a certain mileage every day so I will have to utilize indoor activities too.  My sources of movement will be walking, pedaling (that item should arrive within 2 weeks), 5 lb weighted hula hoop, and dancing (hey, I had fun that one night and it sure got my heart rate up!). I will also use the pedaling machine to work my arms and use 3lb hand weights that I have for more weight use. So think about what you can do and post your goal in the comments. I will gather that and have Check-In posts up every Sunday so we can report our progress. Watch for it and let’s be sure to keep each other pumped up. Here is my goal for the year:

Aerobic exercise a minimum of 30mins a day 5 days a week. Weight workouts 3 days a week. On the side when I walk I will measure the mileage though I wont set a specific goal for that, it will just be for my own interest.

I know Robin is already going for 1000 miles for the year – wow!!

First Check-In post will be Sunday, January 6th! I have added a Move08 category to my site so you can always search on that to see our progression.

OK ladies – let’s MOVE MOVE MOVE!!!

6 thoughts on “Move 2008!!

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  1. Yep, that’s my goal. 1000 miles. I’m just asking for trouble…lol!!

    I also have a yoga goal: 20 minutes of yoga and meditation each day. Some days may be more and some less, but if I can average 20 minutes, it’ll be good.


  2. Oh man, that sounds like a great plan for the year. Hey, if I joined and decided to drop the twins this weekend, I could make for quite an impressive check-in on the 6th. Toting babies and chasing a toddler would have to be my daily exercise requirements (and, dang, i don’t even have a choice in the matter).

    Weighted hula hoop? That’s an interesting concept.

    Good luck with the goals! Hey, if you want to really challenge yourself with the weight work-out, the twins will be available for repetitive lifting and lowering. 😉


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