De-lurker Day and I’m done with Greys Anatomy!


Yes, yes. A day late. Whatever! Stealing this from Nylonthread who stole it from Greeblemonkey who also stole it from someone but I didn’t click that link πŸ™‚ I’ve added both these gals to my own blogroll as I’ve had fun reading them for the last few days and now I am hooked. Nylonthread is a site I found thanks to On The Curb who was introduced to me by August mom MLL. You like how this circle works? And Greeblemonkey is one I actually found on my own during NaBloPoMo. I inteded to do like MLL and post a list of sites I’d found in November that I liked, but there was this football thing that kinda derailed my whole participation at least from a ‘going out there and reading other blogs’ perspective. Anyhoo, delurker day. Now, I know this wont be nearly as productive as it was on Greeblemonkey (over 100 comments, sheesh!), but she’s kind of a professional at this. However, I do know that I have some readers who show up nearly every day but *never* comment. Don’t forget that magic site meter thingy folks! So, like Nylonthread I have removed some of the commenting rules for today. You do not need to enter a name and email. So c’mon all you shy folks – if you like it well enough to stop by once a day for a peek, please do say hi today. If no one comments, fine, mostly I just wanted to use that cool little graphic up there as it made me giggle.

Now, on to TV. The only current non-reality, non -sports show that I have watched in the last few years is Greys Anatomy. I’ve loved it. Until this season. Here’s my problem – I hate to be taken for a fool. Yes, I know it is fantasy. A tv show. Meant to entertain. But I turned off last night’s episode and I was angry. I’ve concluded that I cannot watch romantic/drama/soap operas. I need to stick with half hour comedies and detective shows. With the former I get *too* into the characters, I expect the writers to keep some touch of reality with their development and I can only a few out of this world twists and turns. The way I see it, they’ve messed with Meredith and Derek enough now thankyouverymuch. Those two are meant to be together. It’s not fathomable that they could work together and not fall into each other’s arms periodically. So, let them BE. Just having them move from being casual lovers to a real relationship is interesting to watch! You have like, 10 other characters that you are constantly developing and who you can focus on. WHY keep dragging the viewers through this nonsense? They’ve insulted my intelligence and I am done. Not that it matters since I guess last night’s show was the last one done before the writer’s strike, but they are now deleted from my DVR list. I will miss McDreamy, but oh well. I’m not supposed to turn it off in anger. Besides, it’s good timing – American Idol starts next week! At least with that show, I *expect* it to take my IQ down 10 points ;->>

6 thoughts on “De-lurker Day and I’m done with Greys Anatomy!

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  1. You know I’m always here. As far as Grey’s Anatomy goes, I also thought it was annoying last night that they’re doing the whole breakup thing AGAIN. But, I’m not willing yet to sign off. The “visuals” are too good. But my favorite is Dr. Karev.


  2. I, too, am tired of Meredith’s “I’m afraid of real intimacy and commitment! Let’s have sex!” schtick. You’d think they could let somebody be happy once in awhile.

    What’s up with George and Izzy, by the way?


  3. I read but can never remember my WordPress password to leave a comment. (Had to reset it to leave this one! Perhaps it time I made the password more memorable…)


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