Google stats + Politics or American Idol?


Given my blog title, I get a lot of Google hits on variations of Trees, Flowers or Birds. Or, birds in trees, or trees with get the idea. Today there was a particularly funny one: ‘Emotional pictures while cutting trees’ – I guess some folks get a little sniffly when cutting down trees? Or how about this odd phrasing: ‘Really trees birds’ – say what? Anyway, I may have shared this picture before as it is one of my favorites. A Yellow Rumped Warbler – slang name = Butterbutt. Yes, it does have a bright yellow patch on it’s rump just like those on it’s head and breast. This is another cold weather (such as we have it!) visitor that flits down from the mountains to the suburbs and is rather commonly heard and seen when I am out walking.

Speaking of stats, one other thing that I like about WordPress is that I can see total views of particular posts. Given the attention received by There is No Crying in Football, it is easily the most viewed with 92 total. It’s been getting hits again this week at the rate of 1 or 2 views per day thanks to random Google searches. One search was ‘muddy football uniform’. That’s another one that makes me go hmmm. Why would one search for that? And yet, my request for comments from those who stumble upon it has yielded nothing 🙂 People are quite committed to lurking as I’ve learned.

So what do I do tonight dear readers? There is this little thing called American Idol debuting at 8:00pm. There is also a Democratic debate in Nevada at 6:00pm and the Michigan primary results to watch. Michigan only counts for the GOP, but I’m still interested. Oh, and somewhere in there I am supposed to go to the grocery and cook dinner and make sure homework is done! Yes, I have a DVR. I’ve got it set to begin recording MSNBC at 5:00pm. But, the tv is not in view of the kitchen (I have GOT to remedy that some day!) so it will be a juggling act to watch the recorded shows (fast forwarding as needed) and trying to get it all done by the time AI starts since SportsBoy will want to watch that with me. Yes, I realize it is the ultimate in contrasts – bad performances, heart warming background stories, sniping critiques and lame interviews VS American Idol :->>> Gonna be a fun night!

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  1. It is amazing what people search for and it’s sometimes a bit distressing that they find my site by searching for the things that they are searching for. I cracked up at the comparison of the debates with American Idol. That’s so true!


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