Five things I love

My favorite morning radio show has been doing Five Things We Love all week with each host/hostess taking turns. I’ve loved it and decided to steal it as a blog theme. As they put it – it’s like Oprah’s favorite things only this isn’t tv and I’m not giving anything away šŸ™‚ redpearl.gif

  1. My blackberry pearl which is this lovely red. Oh how I love it! Emails on the run, a calendar that can sync with my main Google calendar, task lists and notepads and even maps all at my fingertips all day long. Plus, the phone sound and signal are the best I’ve ever had I think. Yes, that keyboard is small, but considering this replaced a basic Nokia flip phone, it’s a huge improvement. Yes, I do have Iphone envy, especially since my co-worker got one over Christmas and keeps showing how gorgeous the view screen is and how easy it is to use the touch screen, blah blah blah. But, it’s still too rich for my blood and really I am so happy with this little phone that I will survive. I highly recommend some kind of PDA phone to everyone, but especially to busy parents. It’s been an organizational life saver for me.
  2. Google Reader -just the best way to read blogs! Get yourself a freebie gmail account and set one of these up. I’ve literally doubled my daily blog site reading thanks to this nifty tool. Rather than click from site to site as I would be struggling to do every day (or, more likely every 3 days or so), I just check my reader page a couple of times a day and see which sites have new posts. Saves me TONS of time so that I could expand my reading list and even makes me feel more free to take the time to comment. You’ll notice that my blog roll has expanded recently and it’s really thanks to the Google Reader. Even if I found sites I liked before, I could not commit to reading them regularly so I just had to move along. Not anymore!
  3. Skin Authority skin care products – I’ve been using their products for almost a year now. I was introduced to it by a baseball mom friend who works for them. She just loves the products and she had worked for them for a couple of years and I could see improvements in her own skin, I decided to give it a try. It’s not cheap. I have these kits of product and I get glycolic peals every month, BUT, if you compare that price with what would be spent on other types of facial peels and department store moisturizers and’s really reasonable. Plus, I actually now spend less on makeup because I don’t need foundation (and I was using Bobbi Brown which was not cheap!) so it all evens out. Mostly though, I just LOVE how my skin feels and looks.
  4. Safeway/Vons O Organics line – Seriously yummy AND inexpensive oraganic food line. Their frozen cut corn? Delish!! Sweet and just the perfect texture. Everything I’ve tried in this line has been very tasty.
  5. My Footsmart Deluxe Exerciser – I know, I have talked about this before, but after two weeks with it I am just even more in love! This little guy provides a really damn good workout! The other night I propped it up against the wall and used it lying down which hits different muscle groups than it would sitting up. I pedaled like that for 20 mins and then switched to arm pedaling for 10 mins and then I just flopped back on the floor and felt the burn in my legs and arms all at once. It was awesome! We have to travel out of town this weekend for a baseball tournament and I am bummed! If I know I am going to sit down and watch tv for any decent length of time, I will pedal. It is THE key to my continued success in our Move 08 challenge. Worth every penny – which for me was zero since my Sweetprince bought it for me as a birthday present :->

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