From Super Bowl to Super Tuesday

My thoughts still feel scattered from everything last week. I am probably the only person happy to being a normal Monday at work! My dad is doing well. He sat up and was feeding himself yesterday and today is supposed to get up and walk and shower and be moved out of the ICU wing. After being forced to lay perfectly straight since Wed AM I am sure all of that is feeling pretty good!

I wanted to add to my hike post. The WordPress server was abysmally slow the day I loaded those pictures so I left out a lot of detail and a couple of shots. I wanted to share a link first of all to my favorite birding site from Cornell University (hat tip to Alto2 for turning me onto to this a few years ago).  Here is their page on the California Brown Thrasher. Check out the song of this bird. It serenaded us almost the whole way on the Broken Hill trail. There were two males sitting on top of bushes and just singing away.  They let us get pretty close too. We also had the pleasure of watching a male Anna’s Hummingbird do it’s little mating dive. They zip straight up into the air and then dive bomb down with a quick “zeep” sound as it turns back up into the air.

If you watched the game yesterday wasn’t it awesome?! I had chosen the lesser of two evils and was rooting for the Giants. When Tom Brady hit Randy Moss for the touchdown pass that put them ahead 14-10 with under 3 minutes to go, I honestly thought that was IT. I mean, the Patriots made their living coming back late to take down opponents and I just did not see them giving up a score at that point. Yay! I was wrong! That one play when Eli Manning somehow scrambled away from the clutches of what looked like the entire Patriots D-line, then chucks it down field as if it was just a hope and prayer of a pass, only to have David Tyree make the most stunning catch ever with defenders hanging all over him…GOOSEBUMPS! How did that happen?? And then I knew – the Giants would do this! When Eli lofted that pass to Plaxico Burress for the go ahead score, SportsBoy and I just sat there stunned and kept saying “Did I just see that? Did the Giants really beat the Patriots?” We loved every minute of it.

Commercials that made an impression on me: The Diet Pepsi spot with “What is Love?” on in the background and people nodded off to sleep and then did the “Night at the Roxbury” head bob once they drank the Pepsi. Loved it! The talking stain during the job interview had us cracking up. So did the dancing lizards. Of course, being the political nut that I am, I am guffawed at the Bill Frist/James Carville Coke commercial. Oh! And the rather unattractive gal using Planters Nuts as her perfume – hysterical!

Oh, and a comment on the one political add we had in San Diego – Mitt Romney ran an ad twice where he points out that Hillary Clinton has no experience running anything and highlighting his experience running a business, a state and the Olympics. Clearly they made that ad before the last Democratic debate, right? The one when the moderator specifically asked Clinton and Obama how they would respond to Romney pointing out his successes running a business as an indicator of a plus for him. And Obama answered that the current president had the same background and we can see where THAT got the country!! Then Clinton said she didn’t think the country *should* be thought of as a business to be run to make a profit – that is supposed to be there to safeguard and care for it’s citizens. Points which scored HUGE both in the room and apparently in people’s houses according to the CNN rating of independent voters. I guess the Romney campaign missed that 🙂

Speaking of politics, it was funny how as soon as the Super Bowl hoopla ended, which usually begins a rather large time of despair for sports nuts like SB and I, he immediately looked at me and said “Well, Super Tuesday is up next!” Hah! Love it!

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  1. I also liked the dalmatian training the Clydesdale to the “Rocky” soundtrack. DH said I always like things with animals in them. He’s right. The Diet Pepsi spot was hysterical esp. featuring that former SNL castmember at the end.


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