Productive sick day

Obviously from the previous post I spent a little time on the sofa watching recorded shows 🙂 I also drank a lot of hot tea as that is what made my throat feel best. Also did a little work (with a cat on my lap) and emailed out some reports. Then I went up stairs and slept for about 2 hours. Clearly needed!! Then a late lunch and a trip to the store to pick up more zinc lozenges and vitamin C. Those really did the trick and I even felt well enough to pedal for a bit. It’s the end of the day now and the throat is still not pain free, but certainly feeling better than it was last night at this time. What I *did* do while watching news and the debate was get through a major organization task. Something that I wanted to do as part of that resolution I made at the New Year. Motivated further by the laptop crashing! I pushed over about 2/3 of my pictures onto Flickr. I did some preliminary organizing too. I still have probably another hour of off loading to do and then I would need to go back and add some details/dates to each photo, but hey, it’s a start! Just thought I would point that out in case you noticed that the pictures changed and if you click in now there are, like, TONS!

Made it through pw meeting #2 tonight thanks to the rest and meds. Another one coming up on the 26th. And now, below the break and hidden if you don’t want it to be spoiled, here’s the American Idol results compared to my predictions: For the guys I predicted Garrett and then waffled between Jason or Luke. (really want Chikezie or Danny to go but thought they could squeak through)

For the girls I predicted Amy and Kady.

Actual results are: Garrett, Amy, Joanne, & Colton. Not bad. 2 for 4. And I am totally fine with the results since the people that I really liked made it through.

OK, that’s it since I only had time to fast forward to the kick offs and no, I did not listen to any of them do their goodbye song which is so damn painful and wrong IMHO 😉

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