A tale of two pictures (the Silly Season hits my blog)

You know what the Silly Season is, right? That time in a campaign when it pretty much devolves into silliness. Not substance. Just innuendo and rumor and spin and well…lies. Barack Obama referred to it at the last debate when a question was posed about the tone of some ads and statements between the campaigns. The irony is that back *then*, it was still pretty mild! In the last few days it’s gone off the charts! Mostly from the Clinton camp of course since they are clearly in turmoil and grasping at straws. It’s clear that every day they have no idea which version of Hillary Clinton should be speaking. Which is a damn shame IMHO. This is a very very capable woman who I would be proud to vote for in the general election. Yes, I am an Obama supporter, but I am NOT a Clinton hater. However…it’s getting harder and harder not to spit out a loud “WHAT is she THINKING?” The way she mocked Obama in Rhode Island this weekend really crossed a line for me. That was so low. But it got worse today, though it’s not been proven (or properly denied by her campaign) that this originates with her supporters, this was still ridiculous. Some sort of mailer infering that this picture from a 2006 visit to Kenya should somehow raise questions in our minds about him:


Uh? So? Did anyone see President Bush in Africa last week? He donned local attire as well. So did the Clintons, both of them and their daughter on their many travels overseas. It’s called *respect*! Somehow though, this picture and write ups about it swirled around the internet today. Much Ado About Nothing IMHO. Anyhow, one of those articles became highly ranked on a site called Digg.com. As ‘diggs’ and comments began flowing rising the visibility of this story, someone, and I have not been able to sift through all the comments to find the originator, linked to my blog! Why? Well, I assume it was in the middle of a discussion about traditional attire and the fact that Obama does have African roots. As exemplified by the fabulous photo of his grandma which I posted back on Super Tuesday and which has been the result of the highest search hits as I detailed in an earlier post today. Here is that gorgeous smile once more:


The result of this link in this highly trafficked story has been an explosion of visits here! Since 2:30pm pst today there have been 120 visits from the Digg site!!  So I figured I would just put it all out here again to make it easier 🙂

2 thoughts on “A tale of two pictures (the Silly Season hits my blog)

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  1. As much as it is respect, esp. for politicos, it’s PROTOCOL. Washington insiders understand this well.

    Of course all the Dittoheads think turban = terrorist. Puh-leeze.


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