Afternoon walk pictorial

All pictures except for the bird taken with my Blackberry as I went on about a 5 mile walk around the neighborhood around 4 this afternoon. This is what is blooming in people’s yards right now 🙂


Snapdragons at the entrance to the Catholic church


A common succulent used as hillside landscaping – a large patch blooming at once is a shot of magenta that takes your breath away and makes you put on your sunglasses!


No clue what these are! Puffy slate blue flowers in the streetside landscaping.


Non fruit bearing cherry blossoms.


White Cyclamens in a yard.


Tulips and petunias in a yard.


Geranium intertwined with yellow daisies in a yard.


Finally, lavender daisies in MY yard!

4 thoughts on “Afternoon walk pictorial

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  1. This is just entirely unfair. All this color while I sit here in a land of white, white, white.

    Please don’t let this color die off before I get there. Save at least a little for me to enjoy. 🙂

    Actually, I’ve already enjoyed just looking at your beautiful photos. Thanks for the color on this snowy day.


  2. I have to concur, quite unfair. The grass (brown) is showing again, then it snowed some more today… I have been trying to grow a few herbs indoors from seeds, from an egg kit I got for Christmas (don’t ask), and it’s been rather unsuccessful. I’m close to just throwing them out, honestly. I do better starting with small plants instead of seeds too. Miss Pumpkin the Cat isn’t really helpful in my efforts, either.

    Anyway, very lovely and colorful photos. Please keep them coming… it’s good for the soul to see them, especially when we can’t in our worlds yet. 🙂


  3. Great flower pictures. Oddly, where I live it is too tropical and most of those flowers will not grow here. Someday I will take pictures of our flowers to share. They are very different!


  4. I loved the purple flowers up top, and the white ones in the tree, but the purple and yellow had to be my favorite. Thanks for posting, this gave me a lift. 🙂


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