Which child is this?

Thursday morning last week at 6:30am, I saw the lights on in Sportsboy’s room and went in to see what he was up to. You will NOT believe this people…he was studying!!!!! He had notes and a science book spread out on his bed and he was studying for a science test. I just stared at him with my chin on the floor and slowly backed out. Had aliens possessed his body overnight? But wait, it gets weirder. Sunday night we were discussing the time line for going to the padres opener the next day. I told him I would get him from childcare at 2:45, we would go home to change and then head out. And he said….”Well, it might take longer because I have to do my homework first.” My jaw is now bruised from hitting the ground so hard twice in one week. I just stared at him and then managed to squeak out “Yes, yes I guess you do. Um. Ok” all the while thinking to myself “Who ARE you?” I’ve seen his teacher 3 weeks in a row now on Thursday mornings working the drop off line and not once has she mentioned anything missing. In fact, one morning two weeks her only comment was “Sportsboy is on FIRE!” She got the mouth agape stare in disbelief too.

All sarcasm aside, he really has done great! He brought home a 103 on a math test last week. I’ve seen no missing work reports. He goes straight to his desk to work each night and brings me the agenda and completed work for me check off. He talks to me about what they are working on and what is coming up. I know there is a science fair and that he and his partner have to choose their project by the 29th of the month – he wants to have a play date with his partner next week during spring break to get started. We went to an open house for the middle school and sat down together to fill out the paperwork and choose electives and turned all that in on time and now 7th grade a daily topic of conversation. I’ve heard him talking to his friend who is already in 7th grade about the school and classes. He asks his 6th grade friends what they chose for electives. He’s *communicating*!! Consequently I have eased his electronic restriction and he was able to have a play date on Sunday. I will keep it limited though and he understands that, and I think he likes it that way. It removes the temptation to make a decision between homework and fun on weeknights.

Fingers crossed that it was the invasion of the body snatchers that threw him off course and that this is the Real Thing πŸ™‚

For my fellow stats geeks – this was post #600 and my site meter today registered hit #18,000. Cool huh?

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  1. go sportsboy, go!!! (and hey — if you ever figure out how it all happened, please let me know. i’m going down that path with BC…)

    and yay, you! 18k! here’s to the next 18k — and the next 600 posts πŸ™‚


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