Move 2008 – Week 14 update

Another quickly dashed off post! Sportsboy is playing in a tournament in San Clemente with his travel ball team so I was out most of yesterday and am about to take off again for today. All of which has made it difficult to meet with Robin, but I am going to go ahead and take tomorrow off entirely and take her out for some hiking and lunch. Even though the job situation negated my plans for the entire week off while SB is on Spring Break, I can spare a day 🙂

OK, checking in with some weak stats again!! Two nights at the ballpark and 3 sinus headaches made moving a challenge. I did pedal twice and used the arms weights twice. Still feeling strong there so that feels good. TTFN.

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  1. Two sessions at the gym, which I count as both cardio and toning since we do intervals, and my heart rate is definitely up! I’ve got the alarm set for a cardio session tomorrow morning, so I hope to have more to report next week.


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