Final pics from Austin

From the last night on the town. Bill with a carriage pulling horse. He was so funny all weekend getting completely distracted by any and all furry objects!! It was really quite sweet. Then Bill with Kid Oakland. We met KO at a party being hosted by Jim Hightower who was very sweet and friendly though we clearly spaced on the whole picture opportunity with him!! Bill did get a signature in his Tip Jar book. The other picture I should have taken was of Sam Seder at the same party. Most particularly – Sam’s Gams 🙂 The next pic was from the hotel lobby later on when someone brought a case of red wine. That is Terry Pinder, Vicki, and Jerome a Paris enjoying the vino. Next is a photo from the Sunday interfaith service. It is the wall of names of the soldiers who have died in Iraq. A lovely tribute which they had displayed in the main convention area during the weekend. Then a photo of Bill with Grammy winner John Hobbs. At the end of the service, he sang this song for us and there was not a dry eye in the room:

Finally – a picture with me in it! As the day wound down yesterday and we all gathered in the hotel restaurant for a final meal before boarding shuttles or taxis (or in our case, Pastor Dan’s chauffeur service) to the airport, Bill and I spotted our blogfather, Markos (the kos in DailyKos) just hanging out at one table so we wandered over to bend his ear and yap about the convention and newspaper coverage of it, Bill’s employment contract, Bill’s idea to add an ‘ass’ button to ratings system (!!!), and my request that he come to San Diego to do a book signing on his next book coming out in August. Hey, what can I say? I don’t want to wait until Pittsburgh in Aug ’09 (next NN conference)!! So that is a pretty nice picture that Bill took of Markos and I and was a really nice way to wrap up the time in Austin.

I also lucked out by sharing my flight home with Jill (orangeclouds115). We had somehow not seen each other once in Austin, but then had the whole flight to compare notes of the event. THAT was fun. We may plan that again for next time since we clearly move in different circles and attend different sessions and it was fun exchanging gossip..err..notes!

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  1. Hey! I thought I met all the San Diegans there, but apparently not!

    I too have photos posted, username tilthouse on flickr.

    I’m going to start occasionally ditching my usual Tuesday night obligation to start going to DL so I can actually meet a few of us face to face.


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