Off to a strong start again. Here’s the only (bad) photo I took all day!

He was getting his shoes taped at warm ups. He likes to have the velcro part taped down so he wont have to fiddle with it during the game. Or, he just likes having something taped up πŸ™‚

This board member position means very few pictures since I just don’t have the luxury. Though, I *could* get on the field with my badge and I might do that one week yet.

25-0 was the score this week. His grandpa from Sweden is in town and watching him play for the first time. And thankfully he did play more again though not until the 2nd quarter. The team scored the first 3 times they had possesion and rather quickly each time. Defensively they were never really challenged. Though, if the other team’s quarterback had been more accurate I think they would have had a couple of big pass plays completed because their receiver was often open or at least past our defenders. The ball just kept falling out of their reach. So there was not a lot of drama in this one. Still fun though. We came away saying that our baseball team had a really good football game πŸ™‚ There are three of us on both. #44 had a great, long should have been called a touchdown reception (was marked as out of bounds on the 1 yard line instead). #12 caught several passes and kicked his first ever field goal from 27 yards out. Kicking has already meant a victory for us and he is really really good. Then my #55 had a couple of really fun pass receptions where he did his usual spinning and bouncing off of tacklers to gain more yards after the catch. I call him a pinball when he does that. A dad came up after the game and told him he’d never seen a player like that on the field and that he was really fun to watch. Our announcer called him our version of Darren Sproles (shorter than usual NFL player for the Chargers who backs up Ladanian Tomlinson and has had some great plays for the team). All in all, a fun day for the whole team.

One thing I am learning to appreciate is really how well coached this team is. And its GOOD. I was again at the field for nearly all the games – only missed the early one – and it was the best one I saw. Well supported by the families, disciplined, organized and talented. Yeah, I am biased, but I am also seeing the other teams up close now and I do see a difference.

The team has a bye next week. A bye! Cool. So are we taking time off? Well, kinda because he only has practice 2 days instead of 3. But no..not really..because his baseball team which started up practice 2 weeks ago is going to play in a tournament since have the opportunity to have those three players free! And where will that be? Temecula of course πŸ™‚ No rest for a 2 sports family!

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  1. He looks great, tape and all!

    I just got elected to our Little League Board. I hope I do not have to miss much of the boys games with my new duties.


  2. Calvin – be prepared for drama and egos the likes of which you have never witnessed before! Every week it is something. I don’t miss any of his games, but I am so mindful of my other duties before and after games that I forget to take pictures. At least in our area, LL board members don’t have to police each game as we do for football. But the drama in baseball is actually much worse.


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