Wedding for the undead

About 13 years ago I was going through the latest alumni directory for my high school in search of my best friend from those years. The Yin to my Yang. The walking heart with blonde hair and huge blue eyes and the fastest smile and laugh of anyone I’d ever met. The trouble maker 😉 I’d lost contact with her just before her 10 year reunion (she was one year behind me). After college she had drifted around a bit and battled some addictions and I really did worry when her number was disconnected. So when I saw that the directory listed her as deceased, I was devastated, but it was not totally out of the realm of possibility. I remember that I was pregnant with SportsBoy and I went down to a spot in La Jolla where she and I had spent quite a few moments crying over one boy or another (or perhaps splitting a bottle of Cold Duck – eww), and I cried for her and said my goodbyes. Then seven years ago while persuing an online alumni site, I saw her name! With an email address!! And I squealed at work (yeah, co workers thought I lost it) and fired off an email:

“Hello? Is it really YOU? Are you freaking ALIVE? Oh Lucy, if it’s you you got some ‘splainin to do!” Instantly I got a message back “Aaack! Yes, oh no, you saw the deceased listing? Aaaack!” That night I called her and heard her always husky voice and I think we spent the first 10 minutes on the phone crying. To this day she has no idea how she was listed as dead! But of course, being the eternal jokester that she is, we just added that one to our arsenal. And we had not lost touch with each other again. Visits back and forth (she only lives about an hour north of me) and then her 20 year reunion came and she asked me to be her ‘date’.

At the reunion, we played up the dead thing:

I was not the only graduate who had read that listing 😉

Flash forward to late this summer when after a couple of years of only exchanging holiday notes thanks to the busy life that you all get to read about in here, I receive an invitation to a wedding! As luck would have it, the happy day fell during another bye weekend for football. So SportsBoy hung out with my parents while SweetPrince and I drove up. What follows are my few pictures mostly of pretty things. SP took all the decent people pictures and I probably wont have those from him until Monday.

The mothers of the bride and groom began this sand piece by pouring theirs together as the base. Then the bride and groom poured their two colors of sand in layers until they blended it at the top. Really beautiful.

My handsome date 🙂

Flowers and cake. Can you tell she loves blues and purples?

The Dance of the Undead 🙂 OK, the bride and groom. My friend who is the walking heart, found herself a matching one and I could not be happier for her.

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  1. Just popping by from Dawn’s blog. Very nice story and how horrid that they did that to her in the directory! So glad she is still in the land of the living and what a nice wedding (and the blues and purples are favorites of mine, too).


  2. I love stories with a happy ending.

    And that your tragedy turned into a comedy! Great story, and wonderful shots. (I found the vases especially eye-catching)


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