Santa still has a few tricks up her sleeve!

I fooled the boy!! This year he needed to be educated on the ways of Santa – I thought it was not a good idea if he went to school and told his 7th grade peers that Santa brought him a new bat, ya know? But I told him that Santa just had to tag parents once kids got too old because otherwise there would be too many kids even for his special brand of magic and new babies are born.  I took him to pick out the bat he wanted because I needed him to do that. The little turd got out of his room last night to ask him something and saw the Wii Fit box that I had tucked next to the tree. However, he had asked Santa for three things. And I hinted last night that it had been too much.  And item #3 was still hidden out of his view when he came out. So rather than set it in full view, I put it on the sofa next to the tree and covered it with the blanket and pillows. Which was a challenge because the box is kinda big!! But it fooled him because he came down already and didn’t see it. I had to get up to put the roast in the crock pot so I had already turned on the tree lights. He stumbled down, looked at the Wii Fit box and bat box, but didn’t touch them. He passed right by the stockings without a glance. I suggested that he put on a shirt so he went upstairs and then says “I think I will just go back to sleep now ’cause I am tired.” And he DID! It’s all quiet in the house again at almost 9am!! He has no idea that sitting under all those pillows is Rock Band 2 for Wii. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Santa still has a few tricks up her sleeve!

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  1. *laughs*

    Crafty mom! He’s gonna be overwhelmed at the bounty. A very happy christmas to you! Santa’s been here and I must now endure repeat viewings of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    (I wonder who manages Santa’s complaint department?)


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