Sunday cat blogging – the sweet life of Chip and Amber

First though, evidence of a klutzy moment in my life today.

Wii Fit is dangerous!!

Ok, it’s not the Wii Fit. It’s me. My current workout with the Wii Fit is to do the Free Step aerobic program while watching tv. I incorporate my 4lb hand weight routine while I do the stepping. It’s easy really since the Free Step has a steady beat that doesn’t vary and doesn’t really take a tone of my concentration. Well, at least I didn’t think so! Today I had a slight problem with coordination and wacked my left thumb with a weight. It stung of course, but I kept on going. Towards the end of the 30 minute routine I looked down and noticed a bit of a bump forming. And some blue bruising already showing. Still no real pain, but the thumb was certainly not happy. I iced it for about 15 mins after I finished the workout (hey, I am not about to let a little injury deter me from exercising! :0) Now several hours after the incident it looks like this:


Just a little purple bump. No big deal. Of course, I did notice that it hurts…oh..a shit-ton if I put to much weight on it..weight such as a container of left over spaghetti. OUCH. I am sure this will be interesting to see how often I knock the snot out of this hand now that my thumb is injured. Sigh…


The Sweet Life (or not) of Chip and Amber:

First, they spend the morning making sure everything is going along to their liking out in the back yard. Even if mom has stupidly left the shades down so low that there is only two inches of clear viewing. Chip would like me to tell you that the camera makes his ass look fat and so he is protesting this shot. Amber says it looks like a pretty fair representation of how she looks 22/7:


Yes, Amber does sleep. A lot. In often fascinating positions. Relaxing is not a problem for her. However, there are a couple of hours in the day when stuff happens and she just MUST stick her nose into things:


Of course, we all know what curiosity does to the cat, right? Oh yes. Chip is just as guilty. The other night Amber was sitting in front of the cup board just staring intently at the doors, occasionally meowing and scratching at the bottom. Now, she will do that when it is Treat Time, but they had *just* gotten their treats and I was cooking and it was so weird. I kept telling her to cut it out, be quiet, don’t be so greedy, etc etc. Finally I realized that I was hearing scratching even though she wasn’t moving. Uh oh. So I looked at little closer at the doors:


Can you see the hint of white behind there? Yeah. About this time Amber is thinking “Sheesh Mom! I’ve been TRYING to tell you Chip was trapped in there!! Didn’t you see him sneak in when you got the rice out? Why did you think I was making all that noise??” Oopsie. Sorry Chip. Good girl Amber. Nice to see you looking out for your buddy:


A busy day full of adventure like that can only mean one thing. Time for Amber to show off her real skill. Taking relaxation to new heights. Or lows. Whatever mom, just let me sleep:


3 thoughts on “Sunday cat blogging – the sweet life of Chip and Amber

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  1. lol! I call those “Timmy’s in the well!” moments (after Lassie). Izzy and Bella (my cats) look after each other that way. When one gets trapped in a closet or bedroom, the other will come running out to me, meowing like crazy, pawing at me. It took me a while to figure it out the first few times. Now I just look at the cat and say “Oh, Timmy’s in the well!” and follow the cat to wherever the other is locked in.

    Your thumb looks very sore. Ouch!


  2. I only have one cat at the moment. She hides from me and I cannot find her, even when I check all her favorite spots.

    I **almost** wish I had another one to help me find Molly!


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