Well, thanks (I guess) Billy

So within an hour of the news that Billy Mays had died, I was just moseying over to my blog stats page and noticed this huge spike. The hits were all going to a post I wrote earlier in the year about the products one could buy on TV and it included a picture of Billy Mays since he was the quintessential pitch man. The day ended with over 1500 hits!!! WTF? So I tested it out this morning and apparently when you do a google image search on Billy, the first version of this picture is the one that I used:

Google Search image

I shows up on the first page of serach results. Now, I had noticed that in the last month this post had been getting an increased number of hits so somehow my site must have been moving up in the google rankings and the combination of that and his untimely passing (attributed to heart disease, NOT the bump on his head from the plane) created a perfect storm of blog hits! Really interesting how that works!!

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