Countdown to Adam Lambert LIVE!

So here’s a confession: My obsession has not waned. Thanks in large part to the blessed internet, my hunger for all things Adam Lambert remains sated. There is his official website with it’s community of the TRULY obsessed (I joke about myself, but I aint got nuthin’ on these peeps!) who post all the latest links to pictures and interviews. Thanks to MJ’s blog for posting live updates from the concerts once the tour started as well as user reviews from each site – I’m going to write one for up for San Diego and submit it. No twitter for me though – it would be too distracting and I want to drink it all in.

Speaking of twitter, that’s been another source of updates from the whole Idol tour gang. I’ve loved following all of them and getting updates each night. Even though Adam lost control of his account it’s been great hearing from the others and particularly fun to discover “bubble” tweets which are short video postings from the gang. Seems like they are all having fun together!

So this mad cap tour arrives in San Diego Sat night and I am R-E-A-D-Y! I cannot wait to hear/see Adam in person. Well, I *hope* to hear him because I know from prior experience that the teeny bopper squeals will be enormous. But I have confidence that Adam can scream over their squeals 🙂

Oh, and check out this fantastic interview that a local paper here did with his mom. This is a perspective I can totally relate to since Adam is much closer in age to my son than to me! (ack!)

Adam with his mom
Adam with his mom

Here’s a snippet:

Q: Several reviews I’ve read say about three-quarters of the audience appear to be there to see Adam, and they go crazy when he comes onstage. Is that true?

A: Just before Adam was to appear onstage,the crowd went wild. The energy was so powerful. I was asked last night by one of the fans “What was your favorite part?” and I would definitely say that as I stood there it appeared that everyone was on their feet. Watching Adam perform, I took a moment to do a 360-degree turn to take in the crowd and realized at that moment that Adam’s dream had come true. He was singing “Starlight” and I just started to cry. That was my favorite moment.

All together now: awwwwwwwwwwwww.

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  1. Hey there.
    I came across your twitter account while reading Michael Sarvers twitters during the Idol show tonight. OMG, you are so very lucky to have been at the show, I can not even begin to imagine how amazing it would be, to see Adam ‘live’. I am one of his biggest fans too, I just adore him. It’s torture living here in New Zealand, on the other side of the world and knowing I will probably never get to see him perform. I so look forward to reading your next update to see if you got to meet him after the show.
    Will be stopping by again.
    It’s a great blog by the way.

    Vicki, from NZ 🙂


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