About that afterlife….

There is a brunch planned for Jax this Sunday since she didn’t want a formal service. Her other local friend Trina has been handling, really, everything when it comes to dealing the with the aftermath of an unexpected death with no will in place. Jax rented her place from Trina and Trina was in regular contact with her dad regarding a potential house purchase out in the desert (he wanted to move out of the house where his wife had been which was in a retirement community and get a house that he could more easily leave to Jax). Anyhoo, so she’s been the one dealing with the dirty details.  After the Sunday brunch, she and I will head out to the desert for the placement of Jax’ ashes next to her mom’s and to be with her dad (and drive Jax’ car out there). IOW, she and I have been in regular contact mostly via email since Friday.

Jacqueline used to call us at night. Both of us. Almost never in the day as she was more of a night owl. But there would be occasional mid-day calls. For me that would be at work or while I was home on a weekend. For Trina, the daytime calls apparently developed an odd pattern. We have *one* IKEA in the county and neither of us lives or works particularly close to it. However, whenever Trina would go to IKEA, inevitably Jax would call. It got to be a running joke with them.

I haven’t been to IKEA myself  in at least a year, maybe closer to two. I used to go when I had to pick up SportsBoy from his Swedish language classes since I would then be in the general area, but he finished those in 6th grade so yeah..two years maybe. I know it has been awhile since I had meatballs in the freezer (my main reason for going).

Last night I went to IKEA after dropping MusicMan off at one of his classes – first time at this location & I realized it was so close that I should take the opportunity to stop by there for some dinner and to pick up some bags of meatballs for a treat.

As I pulled into the parking lot, Trina called.

And wherever she is, we both knew Jax was laughing.

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  1. Funny how those things happen. I always think they’re little messages from our loved ones. It makes me smile, after the initial shock.

    I’m sure it was a difficult and long day for you. She’s watching. She knows what you are still doing for your friendship.


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