Memory test – can you remember all the concerts you’ve attended?

Not my pile of memories, but I sure wish I had done this!

A cool meme went around on Facebook recently asking people to post the first concert they went to. It was a lot of fun to see friend’s answers – my favorite, or, the one I was most jealous of, was Led Zeppelin in Madison Square Garden in 1970. Amazing, classic, historic band in an equally historic venue. Drooling with jealousy!!

So then I got on this kick of trying to remember EVERY concert I’ve been to. Let’s see how I do in no particular order since that is just too impossible to recreate, but I will start with what was my Facebook answer to the meme:

Styx, 1982, Paradise Theatre tour at Golden Hall in downtown San Diego.Then again on Valentines Night 2008.

(in fact, all of these concerts which I’ve attended were somewhere in San Diego so now here’s the list)

Journey (3x) – best live vocals prior to last year – Steve Perry. I will NEVER see this band with any faker lead singer. There is only one Steve Perry forever & ever (amen).

Sting (2x) Sexiest man on stage until..well..someone else came along.

The Police (Madness & Oingo Boingo opening acts)

Adam & the Ants

Alanis Morrisette (5 times? at least! Because she somehow taps into my brain when she writes her songs & her lyrics pierce me).

Duran Duran (2x)

Stevie Nicks


Barenaked Ladies

Aerosmith (5x) – Lenny Kravitz opened for them once. I wrote about it here. Wow. Of course Jax was there! She and Music Man were my main concert buddies for a lot of these post 2001.

The Eagles (3x)

Elton John/Billy Joel (Piano men tour)

Rod Stewart

Jimmy Buffett (4x)

Rolling Stones (2x) – Guns N Roses as opener back in the 80s.



Kelly Clarkson

Clay Aiken – top 3 live vocals should know by now…

Sarah McGlaughlin (snooze fest – I only got through it because she was an opener for Alanis & because Jax was with me so we could bitch & moan to each other & ended up laughing most of the way through!)


Little River Band

AC/DC (saw them in August & my ears just stopped ringing last week!)

Van Halen (with Sammy Hagar & with David Lee Roth) – Eddie is a miracle worker with the guitar. Gives me chills the way amazing vocals do because the sound is so pure, beautiful & otherworldly.

Annie Lenox

Def Leppard

last but NOT least..and sure to challenge Alanis for the top spot in # of times I will see him due to the BEST DAMN VOICE EVER HEARD LIVE (and his ability to take my breath away) – Adam Lambert ๐Ÿ™‚

And I am sure I will remember more and come back here to add them! Well sure, there’s the people I saw when I was a child & went along with my parents. Neil Diamond. Anne Murray etc.

What about you? Can you dig through the memory banks and pull together a list? It’s fun re-visiting the venues in your head & then trying to remember who was with you. Good memories & GREAT music (most of the time anyway).

5 thoughts on “Memory test – can you remember all the concerts you’ve attended?

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  1. I remember all the concerts I’ve ever been to (including Elvis)but they now pale in comparison to THE Concert! That’s the T’n’t Concert now known as the OMG Concert by the one, the only, the incomparable Clay Aiken!


    1. LOL!! Well, I do agree that Clay is fantabulous. I’ve seen him all three times his been in the area & his vocals are among my top three.

      Elvis though! Wowza! More jealousy ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. I think I could probably put together a list, but there are so many I’m sure I’d forget one or two here and there. My first concert was Fleetwood Mac at the Spectrum in Philadelphia. Opening for them was a then little-known band called Journey.


  3. I think I could probably put together a pretty good list because there aren’t many. I can’t remember the first one, though I know it would have been in HS. Maybe DH knows.


  4. I haven’t been to a lot. If memory serves, my first was my freshman year in college. A couple of friends and I rode the Greyhound bus from Palo Alto to SF then BART to the Oakland Coliseum to see Chicago, the Beach Boys, and Tower of Power perform together (May 1975). That was my first of about eight times seeing the Beach Boys.

    Good idea for a blog post. Maybe I’ll do it this week. Thanks for the idea!


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