June Zoom

I think June may be the most conflicted month of the year. I sit here looking at the calendar just stunned that the year is nearly half gone. Yet, when you have school aged kids, or work at a school, June marks the end of a year. Our kids have been counting off the days until school is over. Parents are too. We are all just tired of the routine. The alarms that don’t ever succeed in rousting your child out of bed, so mom has to face that grumpy music. The breakfasts and lunches that have to be made. We pray they are actually packed and in the backpack along with all necessary assignments due. And that they HAVE their backpacks with them. Somewhere,  in all that,  mom hopefully packed her own lunch and also the rather critical laptop for work. (You’d be surprised how often I forget that!) Lord knows how many other events/sports/clubs we’ve all juggled since Fall. So yes, we all crave the end of school.

Somehow I have ended up with the brilliant timing of dentists and doctors appointments landing in June. I just adore squeezing those in with the typical end of year school stuff (please note the sarcasm). End of year events that are doubled if your child is finishing up a “promotion” year. Like 8th grade. Awards night. Yearbook party. Disneyland trip. Promotion. Sorry if I don’t get too wrapped up in 8th grade promotion, it’s just too ridiculous to celebrate “graduating” after just 2 years.
The thing is, because it is a major transition year, we are already looking forward. I’ve already been to one freshman football meeting, we got his preliminary class list, there is a spring alumni football BBQ that incoming freshman are encouraged to attend. Dude, we are already so DONE with middle school!
And yet……

We moms are conflicted aren’t we? Yes, we want it to end, but then what? Exactly how many weeks will it take into summer vacation before we start pining away for the school routine to return? It takes me about one week. But then, I have a unique situation. My school aged child takes off every summer for 5-6 weeks to have his own true summer vacation in Sweden. I’m used to it, but it’s still a long time. I look forward to it in many ways and put off doing things and seeing friends until he’s gone on purpose to fill the time. Of course, one of the people I would catch up with was Jax. I’m trying not to think about that. Or, maybe I should try to get my Braveheart on and just go to Ts for brunch finally. The Fair sure won’t be the same. But it’s not just the hole she leaves this year. I think it’s knowing that there are only four more Junes left in this cycle of my life. I’ve had a child in school for my entire adult life! What happens when there are no more?

I’m not trying to be too maudlin. It just is what it is. Time marches on. At the speed of light. Which is why, as we have all been wishing for June, and we want school to end, there is still a tiny voice in the corner of your brain saying STOP! Slow down!! Don’t go!!

And maybe the voice in my head is just a teensy bit louder this year.

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