Pros & Cons of summer in my town

How cool is it that the first official day of No School for the kids is also the first official day of summer? The longest day of the year. The Summer Solstice. Midsommar for the Nordic types 🙂

Given that I am neither a kid, nor a stay at home mom, the impact of summer’s arrival on me is quite minimal. My routine remains the same really. However, those minimal things are duly noted:

  • Leaving the house at 7:45 to get to work is now possible because there is no elementary school arrival traffic plugging up the exit from the neighborhood  – yay!
  • The 2/10 of a mile strip that I travel each day alongside the beach? Now takes almost as long as the other 4 miles because tourist/beach goers are slinking along looking for parking. Or oohing & aahing at the sight of the waves. Or ogling the girls in bikinis. I really don’t care WHY – I just want them to MOVE! People trying to get to work here – pull over dammit! – Boo!
  • If I need to run a quick lunchtime errand in the main town center? No big deal! No swarm of high school kids to battle in the parking lot – yay!
  • If I need to go anything more than one exit north of me on the freeway? Forget it. Unless it’s 2am. On a weeknight. – Boo!

Those are my observations after just one weekend of no school. I’m sure there’s more (feel free to add what it’s like in your neck of the woods) but even though I am not in school anymore, I absolutely do get summer brain in sympathy with my school aged son so I really don’t want to put any more thought into this.

Of course that summer brain scenario combined with this being the busiest 3 months at work does not go together well. But i’ve gotten really good at faking it 😉

Pass the sunscreen and umbrella drinks please!

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