Friday Beauty – winter wonderland

Ice covered lighthouse from the winter storms this week on the eastern part of the country.

I love the look of winter, but not the cold part! I admit to being exceptionally thin skinned in that regard. From afar however – gorgeous!

The Boy is currently at home fighting a winter cold. Rain is due in for the weekend. I have a neighborhood cookie exchange party tonight and then plan on staying in and baking more batches to take in to work for our short 3 day week coming up. I’m also going to be a Cspan junkie as the Senate has put voting on the START treaty, DREAM act and the almighty important (IMHO) Dont Ask Don’t Tell repeal on the Saturday calendar. Yes, those lazy butts in DC are going to WORK over the weekend πŸ™‚

What are you up to on this final weekend before Santa visits?

One thought on “Friday Beauty – winter wonderland

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  1. That’s Cleveland—-a lighthouse on Lake Erie (my SIL was exiting the freeway near the Lake and got sideswiped by a wave during the windstorm that caused this). Now do you understand why I don’t mind living in South Carolina?? πŸ™‚


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