Random things learned – and I mean REALLY random!

An August mom’s New Year’s resolution to learn/try something new every day in 2011 to honor a lost friend (and to blog about it at One New Thing) got me thinking how truly awesome that resolution is. Not that I will totally steal it from her, but I know that it’s been on my mind and even through the fog of going back to work and the usual day to day stuff (like battling a mild cold *sniffle*)  I’ve been trying to pay attention.

I apologize ahead of time for how utterly useless this first tidbit of information will be.

When you work in an large office and share space and kitchens and bathrooms with lots of other people, little things pop up now & then that make you go hmmmmmmm.

One such thing many months ago was the discovery of a black scuff mark on the toilet seat in the ladies room.

Of course it was in the ladies room! I wouldn’t go into the men’s room, would I? Lord no. Especially not after the rumors I’ve heard about how nasty it is in there! Seriously guys? Have you NO sense of decency?

Not that the ladies room is always that much better. I’ve bitched quite a bit about seeming to be the ONLY one on the whole basement level who knows how to replace an empty role of toilet paper!

But I digress….

So, the scuff mark – it boggled my mind at the time. (not hard to do of course). I tweeted about it and some smarty pants suggested someone had literally STOOD on the toilet seat to squat and…well…after that fit of giggles passed, I just could not come up with a good reason for the single scuff mark!

Silly me.

Yesterday I went about my business as usual and turned as I always do to flush with my foot. Why you may ask? Because there is no way on gods green earth I’m using my hands on those handles folks! Got in the habit of doing that on the dorms in high school and now it is automatic when I am anywhere except home. I was wearing a dark soled shoe. And my foot slipped off as I pushed down the handle and VOILA! Instant scuff mark on the seat!

Mystery solved 🙂

I also learned a new explanation for a text acronym yesterday. I always read SMH as Smack My Head/Hand – you know, in the classic “Doh!” motion of smacking your open palm to your forehead. Well, then someone ELSE described it as Shaking My Head as in when you shake your head side to side in astonishment or disapproval. OK, well that works too! Also (and I knew this one, but thought I would share for the acronym impaired). FP = Face Palm. Open palm on face, fingers spread, perhaps glaring through your fingers at the source of your angst and perhaps mumbling “are you SERIOUS?”

Here, I’ll use them in a sentence.

Living with a teenager provides me ample reasons to SMH and FP!

I’m sure you all feel greatly enlightened with that knowledge now 🙂


2 thoughts on “Random things learned – and I mean REALLY random!

Add yours

  1. I would have assumed someone was inserting a tampon. I don’t usually do it that way, but the woman in the instruction inserts are frequently shown standing with 1 foot up on the seat. I’ve never heard of flushing with your foot…..maybe that’s MY new fact for the day!


  2. Well, now I’ve learned a few random things. 🙂

    Glad you solved that mystery. There are so many mysteries in life that it’s nice to have closure on one or two of them occasionally.


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