I know EXACTLY how to create more jobs!

One of the temp agencies recently sent me an email which contained this interesting info:

That Accounting sector total pains me – OUCH!

However, see the IT/Technical sector? It’s up at least by a small amount. However, I promise you that I have a 100% guaranteed way to explode that number and just about solve the unemployment crisis.


Oh, stop scratching your head – here’s my proof:

I’ve mentioned a couple of years ago that my company uses their software. We transitioned to it for all systems back in 2005. Now, normally when you are 5-6 years in to a new software, you are in the smooth sailing phase. Any consultants who assisted with the implementation have been released and your existing staff has been able to handle the support system workload.


I’ve recently witnessed a section here (not divulging too much of course) which at the time of implementation¬† was assigned not only their own full time employed functional analyst but also required a contract employee programming consultant. Flash forward and within the past year, in addition to those two full time jobs still existing, another staff member has essentially been acting as another half time functional analyst. As time goes by, the hours required to maintain the system has INCREASED.

So has the numbers of gray hairs sprouted (or in the case of the male in the role, hairs lost).

So, if ever there was a time for Government to get a little TOO involved in our lives and mandate anything – well, this is an emergency! Make all companies above a certain size switch to PEOPLESOFT! Everyone who is unemployed should receive a subsidy/grant to take certification classes to support the software and BINGO – jobs jobs jobs to be matched up with out of work folks reducing that unemployment rate right on down. And these wont be temp jobs – oh no – full time permanent positions which (if you are lucky) will ONLY be 40 hours a week.

Because the folks who designed PEOPLESOFT?

Well, those programmers wanted to make damn sure they had job security.

Either that, or they were on crack.

I frequently believe the latter.

Have I mentioned that I HATE PEOPLESOFT?!!!

One thought on “I know EXACTLY how to create more jobs!

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  1. We have Peoplesoft at work too. I only have to use it for purchase reqs and a couple minor things, but it seems to work OK for us.

    Lotus Notes, now *there* is a hairball. Or MS Doze/Orifice for that matter.


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