Dear Meh

That’s pretty much how I feel today. Meh. Eh. Shrug. Whatever. Nothing is wrong. Nothing hurts. I slept fine so I’m not tired. But, I’m also not focused and refreshed and sparkly. I’m just – meh. One of those days for no logical reason at all when you would just sit there and watch tv or listen to the radio and not really react much to anything you see or hear. Not singing along to a song. Not reacting with outrage to anything on the news, not laughing particularly hard at anything funny. Its baseball opening day and I’ve been listening to the local sports radio station while I work and still not feeling amped up about going home to watch the game. Just zoned out and – blah.

Oddly enough, I think I need to go for a run! Haven’t been out since Saturday. Been busy getting my own stuff done & making sure 15 got his homework done so that we could take a night off from the routine last night. It was amazing how hard I had to work to pull that off! Maybe I’m having a rebound day from that? I don’t know. Don’t really feel like searching for a reason. Because, you know – meh!

Anyhow – here’s a rare treat. 15 willingly in a picture – and smiling!

We had a birthday bonfire for Renee last night at Fiesta Island after a bike time trial. Coach T needed 15 and I to help with keeping time so since we were all out there together we got pizzas and birthday bundt cake and  relaxed by a fire afterwards. It was a tad cold 🙂

Meh, me.



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