Game 1

The team lost 19-14 despite mounting a nice comeback in the 2nd half complete with a goal line stand on defense followed by a 94 yard drive for a score. When you are missing your superstar wide receiver and the other team has theirs though….kinda makes the mountain higher to climb. #18 got in on a total of 9 plays between offense, defense and special teams. His two plays on defense were crucial. The starting safety was having issues with his helmet and had to come off just as the opponents were on the goal line. It was his first time in a game situation on defense since pop warner days! Sure enough they through a TD pass to their star receiver. #18 states that he over pursued and thereby missed being there to help the assigned corner in defending the pass. As it is, the corner slowed down the receiver and nearly knocked the ball away from him. #18 had to reach back to try and get HIS hand in there as well, but since he had not expected the corner to slow down the receiver, he was too far past them both to make a strong effort and the catch was made. He was quite disgusted with himself as I could see from his reaction on the field and then on the sideline later. However, on the very next play which was an attempted 2 point conversion he WAS in the pile to help bat down that pass. So that’s it – overall we thought the team did well against an opponent that was clearly better (and is ranked higher). Only one picture of our guy though – the regular photographer was out of town and the lady who volunteered got some great shots, but had trouble with her lens during the 2nd half which was largely when #18 was on the field. Ah well – onward!


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