Change is good!

I have missed writing so much! In any form, be it here in journal format, the assigned writing I did for the MOOC course I took in the Spring, or the more structured blog posts submitted on Blogmutt. Heck, I don’t even get to tweet in those little 140 character bursts of thought hardly at all anymore!

However, work is slowly returning to a more manageable pace, and even the football tasks will be settling into a more manageable routine now. Shoot – on the weeks the team plays an away game, and there isn’t a new program to produce and taco/spirit wear sales to collect, I will feel like I am lounging around!

So I thought I would turn my writing brain back on with some spur of the moment topics that allow me to so some free form writing.

Today’s topic? Change – in the form of moving.

We are moving the office within the next two weeks. Target date is the 13th. I’ve wrangled enough file cabinet space to cover our immediate needs, but we still need to go through and mark off what will be moved and what will stay down here since we do get to keep part of the area here as a sort of on site storage.

It’s interesting – I am not a pack rat at all. If anything, I throw things away too soon because clutter irritates me to no end. But, when you HAVE space it is amazing how easily you can fill it! I have 5 large drawers just in my own area right now, and in the course of the past week I have cleared it down to 2.5 smaller ones. Then there is the storage area where I had been keeping 4 bankers boxes of documents for ages now. I even marked them “KEEP – do NOT send offsite!”  Hah! I went through those and ended up keeping a grand total of 7 file folders. Or less than ¼ of one box. Lordy!

It feels good to purge all those papers though.

Funny how the same thing happens with electronics. I had the opportunity this weekend to do a phone upgrade. That translates to older phones trickling down to the boys. Of course, since today’s phones are really hand held computers, you first have to back them up, then wipe them clean before the next person can activate it with all of his information. Before we did that, 17 and I noticed that we had used up a LOT more memory in our phones than we anticipated. So, rather than backup old stuff, we did some deleting. And then more deleting. And then MORE deleting! We each spent at least 40 minutes clearing out the old apps and photos and videos from our phones clearing out at least 1/3 to ½ of the memory usage! We are both now quite thrilled to have our app screens down to just TWO pages each (not even completely full on that second one!)

Yup, change is good – either in real life or virtually!

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