Resolution check in

I figure its halfway through January – typically the falling off point for New Years Resolutions 🙂 So it might be a good idea to document my self discipline.

Credit cards have stayed unused. I also created a budget which includes deposits to savings every paycheck. That started automatically from my 1/15 paycheck. Stuck to my 1/1 pay period budget without issue. Of course the Ebay proceeds helped, but I would have been fine without those too.

5 workouts at Curves so far this month so on pace for that.

I was thrilled that my one forray into fast food – In n Out – created no stomach issues like McDonalds had back in December. Gotta have me a double double every once in awhile! Otherwise I have kept up with the organic meats and produce. Vons is really helping me with this one AND helping with it not hitting the aforementioned budget too hard. They introdued their own full line of organic food products! Pastas, sauces, salad dressings, cereals, juices – all very good tasting so far and much more economical than the brands at Jimbos. Nice! No Claritin so far this year. I did battle some minor sinus pain during my hormonal week, but it was controllable with ibuprofen only. The hormone head and neck pain did last nearly the whole week though. That was a bummer.

I finished a book! Al Franken’s The Truth with Jokes. The one that one of my bob friends got signed for me when he was on his book tour. Boy did that fire me up! I’ll be getting on that political essay soon now. I’ve made reading a priority every other night and shut down the computer. Only have two magazines in the rack right now. I get two monthlies – Oprah for my fun stuff and San Diego Mag for local articles. Also two weeklies – The Nation for my progressive political interests and of course Sports Illustrated! So its pretty good that only two are unread at this point. Next up for a book is Direct Actions bu Terry Olson. He’s a Bootribber 🙂 I am three chapters into it and hooked!

Last one – emoting. Hmm..guess I should have an outside opinion on this one! No, I can tell. I just *feel* more open. Its not that I am not thinking before I speak, but I am trying to think with my heart if that makes sense. There were a couple of situations that came up which I think I handled better than I have in the past.

Ok, not bad. Will check in on these again in February!

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