Farewell dear friend

I have delayed posting this because I was hoping to find a picture to scan, but no luck. Yesterday we said goodbye to Princess. The 1988 BMW 735il. White with tan interior. And over 200k miles on it. I first became enamored of this body style when they came out and always wanted one. This one was purchased in 1998 when I decided it was time to upgrade the old two door manual transmission Nissan that I’d driven since 1986. Oh man, how I loved this car! So classically beautiful inside and out. Handled like a dream. But at 16 I had to admit she was not a daily driver anymore, plus I had money from the sale of the rental property so I bought the first Mercedes S class in 2004. DS1 assumed driving duties off and on depending on the driveability of his own vehicles. The night of The Crash, he put Princess out of commission first by ramming the right front end into a curb knocking the wheel back. I guess that was good since I dont think Princess had what it took to save him. Since I had her fixed and put on 4 new tires, I decided it was time to sell. Of course, it took SP forever to be willing to sell – I think he was more attached to the car than I was! But he found a good home for her. A guy who will fix her up and appreciate her. Oh yes, she eraned her Princess name because not only was she gorgeous, but also very very finnicky! Damn alerts would go off all the time, mostly in cold weather. Plus, she was expensive to maintain! Still, we loved that car and are all a little sad to no longer see her here. The money will go to pay off the oral surgeon from DS1’s teeth and I will save on insurance so that is a positive step financially for me. Bye bye Princess. Thanks for the miles!

3 thoughts on “Farewell dear friend

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  1. Farewell “princess” and hope you “run” in to my first car love, 1987 red Mustang convertible named “Baja Baby.” Oh what fun…and if that car could have talked…
    How we SoCal’ers love our cars!!!


  2. You’re saying a fond farewell to a Mercedes while I ride around in my junky old Ford?

    Crocodile tears, man…crocodile tears.



  3. Stormy – why do all of your comments inspire a WHOMP?

    Oh, and that’s a BMW.

    Hey, at your age I was driving around in a junky old Nissan. Patience. I paid my dues!


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