Happy Thoughts

Again, because I will most likely miss the Happy Story diary tomorrow night. Here you go a day early.

I have a date tomorrow night! Woo HOO. Dinner out at Donovans with SP. Yum yum, I can taste the steak already! The company will be nice too :->

DS2 played in his first band concert tonight. I am so happy that he has the opportunity to play a musical instrument in elementary school. He has been learning percussion (yes, that means drums!!) and tonight he switched between the triangle, the bass drum, and the snare. Of course, he is THE shortest kid doing that and they are always in the BACK and there are music stands for all the horn section in FRONT, so all I saw was the top of his head keeping the beat. Sounded fine though!

Jax just called to tell me she got a job! YAY! Sounds like a great group. They didn’t even blink when she said she wanted to commit to volunteering 4-6 hours a week for Planned Parenthood. I love California!

Bon Voyage to the host with the most: Bill in Portland Maine who is taking vacation in Key West for the next couple of weeks. Much deserved.

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