Thanks Jay Jay!

I looked at my blog stats today and noticed a huge spike in visits yesterday. Mostly as referrals from DailyKos. Hmmm..I wonder WHY?? Delware Dem was our first guest host during Bill’s vacation and he put in links to all the Cafe Bobs blogs. That was a surprise 🙂 I love it though. I really did not think that many people would ever look in. Pressure is on! Another source was from Mother Talkers – a DailyKos related blog for topics relating to motherhood and childrearing. I joined it last week and was recently motivated to start posting when the South Dakota abortion law was passed. Since I put a link to here in my sig line, I got a few hits from there (hi ladies!)

Since its a Saturday without DS2 I worked out, had a lazy breakfast reading the paper and then went outside to clean up the sidewalk weeds. The Big Landscaping Project of 2005 created a lovely source of weeds in the sidewalk cracks. They had reached embarassing heights so I spent a few hours beautifying the neighborhood :-> I like doing that since while I work out there I end up chatting with neighbors and getting nice compliments on how great everything looks on the hillside. For the rookies here, I bought my house (1st home purchase) 2.5 years ago and its a 20 year old house that sits on a raised lot with this loooong hillside yard. Very steep. No previous owner had ever done anything with it so it was always pretty much dirt and weeds for 18 years. Because the house sits on a corner lot as well, everyone on my street has to go past it every day. Heck, I know it was an eyesore to me for the first year and half!!! Still, its nice to hear the compliments when I am out there. I love to garden, but I especially love to share what I do and have others appreciate the results. So my fingers are sore and my neck hurts a little and the sinuses are of course distrubed by the dirt, but I will lay low tonight knowing it was worth it.

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