Gardening and baseball

Mini daffodils in one of the pots out back where the dahlias are also growing. These are already done now. There were about 6 more of these in bright yellow and pale yellow on the hillside too. There is a bud on one of the dahlias in the pot now. Should be one of the big dinner plate ones and it better not bloom while I am gone in Vegas!! I’ll ask SP to take a picture if it does.

DS2 at bat today. Notice the belt not properly wound through the pants and sticking out! That’s my fruitcake! They went 2-2 and played really really well even in their 2 losses. It was not quite good enough to make the playoff round though. We had fun though. Lots of sun and good company. I love the parents on this team. We have all known each other about 4-5 years now. There is a core group of 5 kids who have played together all along. 4 boys and 1 girl 🙂 We call her Goldilocks because she always wears her long blonde hair down. She is all arms and legs and hair and the RULES these boys. She is the youngest, but the tallest and we know by the time they are all in high school that she will just take all 4 boys to prom with her and dare any other guys to look at her. She will also scare off any of the other girls! Her mom and I figure its a win-win all around because these boys wont let anyone mess with her of course. Posted by Picasa

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