As requested, a photo of the boys taken Sat night during their play date. DS1 with his longer black hair (that I don’t like!). Ah well. They were playing video games together.

A rose from SP just because and more orange dahlias. It seems that the orange variety blooms earlier in the season and I would say that is certainly true in my yard! All 3 that I planted are now blooming. The lavender and deep purple plants are finally showing buds. I think I should have a deep purple one open this weekend.

DS2 arrived safely in Sweden yesterday. I worked out tonight for the first time in 2.5 weeks. DS1 is spending more time back home again. No issue with the gf, he just misses home :-> SP is now set to leave Sunday for China. I am so excited for this opportunity for him. He really needs to find what he loves to do and I have a gut feeling that these contacts he has will get him there. Meanwhile my eyes are getting there. Monovision takes 6-8 weeks to fully take effect. Right now my eyes are fighting in my brain over which one to use and its weird! It feels like I am walking around with one contact in. I can still see the blur from the left eye though I am seeing perfectly well through the right. Patience. It was totally cool to watch a hockey game last night and actually see the puck!! Posted by Picasa

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  1. That black hair is so out of place to me. Tell him I thought his blonde locks were much nicer to look at :). Karl wants to go black too–and I promised we could during the summer in case I needed to cut it all off before school starts. 🙂


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