Football ready! 2006 version

Equipment has been picked up. Coach Wolfie fitted his helmet and shoulder pads specifically for him. He weighed in today at 72lbs. New football cleats were purchased along with short sleeved under armours (plus baseball cleats and regular shoes – Big 5 loves us) Gatorade will be purchased tomorrow. First practice is Tuesday. 5 days a week until school starts. Check out the hair up close:

#1 buzz cut. Wearing a helmet in the heat we have been experiencing seemed to call for as little hair as possible! His coaches who saw him today all gave him high fives over it. To answer the question: Yes, he is ready for some football!! Posted by Picasa

6 thoughts on “Football ready! 2006 version

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  1. I cannot BELIEVE how he has grown…I know its been since the damn holidays that I actually saw him but MAN OH MAN…he really has sprouted and is looking like the preteen that he is!!!


  2. That cherub-faced little boy is now a boy tween. “Man oh man” is right. He’s going to be a lady killer with that smile and those eyes. You’re in trouble . . .


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