Rat season!

The battle for my house has begun anew. Last year, tehnically the rats won a small victory since they establish residence within the walls of my house (in my hall closet) and between my unit and my neighbor’s (its a duplex). We could hear them scampering on our rooftops at night. We found rat droppings in nearly every room of the house (ew) and in both garages. My neighbor found the beginnings of a nest in her attic storage above her garage. I of course, found one quite comfortably nested in a box of holiday decor and extra linens in my hall closet. Said hall closet at the time also had some dried dog food in it from a previous dog sitting assignment. Ah, happy rat! So I got a service to put out poison food boxes around the perimeter of the house. With the assistance of the boyfriend and his brother the house rat was evicted out to the garage. Over the next three weeks we found three dead rats in the garage. Then there was the very very large one seen in my neighbor’s garage which we never saw again but we suspected had dies between our walls since there was a very foul stench for a few weeks (double ew). The garage had been such a heavily used passageway that I was cleaning droppings on into the Christmas season as I took down the sealed plastic (thank gawd!) decoration containers.

Fast forward to this summer – I kept up the rat poison service with no signs of activity until about two weeks ago. At that time I saw one lumbering along the top of my backyard wall. Right between two food containers. I figured it had eaten some and would soon die and I hoped it would die on the other side of the wall 🙂 Nope. I found it two days later, but it had at least graciously collapsed into an empty pot so that all I had to do was carry the pot to the trash. I warned the neighbor to keep an eye out for droppings. Today while coming back from a training walk there was a live rat in my side yard. Again, not far from a food container. Shit. Ok, fine so it ran into the front yard and will hopefully die out there. But, then I realized that I kinda smelled..well..THAT smell in my garage already. Hmmm…what is that over there by the laundry cabinet? Oh man..sure enough..dead one on the bottom of the floor lamp that we keep out there for nighttime projects. Ewwww. Well, now I know where the smell is coming from, but how do I gather and dispose of this one? Oh yeah, call older son, call boyfriend. Ask THEM to take care of for me :-> But now I am aware that they are getting closer. Thankfully they are dying, but still, this one is only 3 feet from the house entrance. We will have to be ever vigilient about closing doors and looking for droppings. Hopefully they are gone by the time of the Great Floor Project (set to begin Sept 12 or so) since the plan is to store all the furniture out in the garage! Oh gawd……I do hate rats.

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