T- 3 days to the beginning of the Great Floor Project. I will call to order the dumpster to be delivered on Monday. A dead car of the Firstborn needs to be moved first. Then he has several days off in a row and it is his job to move the furniture into the garage and do the demo of the tile and carpet. Marcus is supposed to return Saturday and be here Monday to help with the furniture moving. At least there has been a nice lull in the rat wars. Garage should be safe for the week.

Little Miss I Hate Clutter and Disorder with a side of Control Freak (me) is already dreading it all!! Oh me of little faith who somehow cannot imagine the males pulling this off! The fun side story is that if it does all go well, then sometime in the middle of next week I get to paint (yippee). The one bedroom that missed my paintbrush the first time around is finally getting done with a soft olive green. No time like when there is NO flooring to care about paint spillage.

Of course I will have very little time to do my own pre-project prep – good thing I moved all the knic knacks and stuff a few weekends ago!! The SportsNut has something going on nearly all weekend for Pop Warner and Powerhouse. I’ll be lucky to get all the laundry done to transfer all those gear bags and unis to his dad on Monday morning.

Oh! Got to play with a baby today. One of the other baseball moms had another little boy in July and she had him with her at practice today. Another mom and I totally stole Nolan away 🙂 We changed his outfit when it got cold, tickled him and made him laugh. His “laugh” is this adorable little face where you can tell he is laughing but it makes no noise. It’s so funny! Then he got fussy and I rocked him to sleep and then handed him off as my leg was falling asleep. Perfect. Just enough baby time to remember how sweet they are, but then hand the little guy off to someone else. So done with the baby thing :->

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  1. The menfolk can do some work for you and let you be lady of the manor.

    Thanks for taking my call. You helped me a lot. I swear I could put Danielle Steel out of business.

    Smooches and Hugs,


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