I should take more pictures!

I do have some on the camera from yesterday, but I am too lazy now to get up and load them. Just more baseball stuff anyway 🙂 I will post one if it came out well since we had a great time lounging in the Omni Club before the game.

What a game too!! As we were leaving Alex said its his favorite memory ever for Petco – even better than being the Play Ball Kid on his birthday last year – wow! Piazza did not make the start on his birthday so we only got to wave our signs once when he pinch hit in the bottom of the ninth, but it was still a blast.

I feel much better about everything today. I do hate that Marcus is not here still. Especially since we cannot really talk on the phone even since his cell phone gets lousy signal up there. We spend half the time saying “hello? you still there?” Frustrating! But it will be Saturday soon enough.

A mystery – ok, who is reading this site regularly from Carlsbad and Los Angeles? Not linking from anywhere else either – must be bookmarked – it’s kinda spooky to have regular readers so close by that I don’t know!

Oh – and did you guys see what happened at Granny’s site this weekend? I feel so bad for her! I have no idea why her site now forwards to a search engine of sorts, but I do think she took her blog down. I am so bummed about that. I noticed today that some of her other regular readers must have been wondering what was up too because I had a couple of visits from people who were searching on grannyvibe. No concrete info here guys. I suspect she pulled it down after a rash of ugly comments. Such a shame.

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