We have fall colors too

OK, so it’s not quite New England 🙂 Another fuzzy camera photo taken at the end of this morning’s walk. A walk I probably should not have done. Oh, the headache went away quickly with a leftover Vicodin from my eye surgery – knocked me right out at 9:30. But the right leg/hip – OW. I’ve felt this pain before and thought that I could stretch it out or that it would loosen up once I got going. Nope. Of course I stubbornly went on my intended walk anyway. Given that there IS no such thing as a level path around here I did have to deal with a monster hill at mile 9 of 11. I have no real clear idea how I pushed my way home. But, I did and then I paid for it. I’ve been heating and icing the area all day in the hopes that tomorrow it wont be horrible. Kept the leg elevated most of the day as well. At least I know this wont happen during the 3-day since I know it was walking in the loose sand on the beach which caused this. I must remember to stay on pavement only. Good news though is that the socks and shoes all feel great, even at the end of the walks. No signs of blisters and the bottom of the toes ache as they would anyway after long back to back walks. Let’s hope I can shed more of this waddle action before I have to go to work tomorrow! Oh, wont that be a sight!!

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