I normally consider myself pretty calm and levelheaded. Most of my close friends have described me that way anyway! However, I realize that towards the end of last week I became quite cranky and snippy (particularly to Marcus and my parents). Then I looked at the week I was facing. Saturday was Alex’s big game and I admit to being anxious about that on his behalf. Today, I had two fillings done at the dentist which is always a source of huge jitters for me. This time, there was a chance that the cavity went all the way to the nerve and I would be facing my first ever root canal. Thankfully that was not the case, but it was on my mind of course. I got the dentist to give me some valium to take before the appt to ease my nerves. I walked back and forth since it is only a few blocks away – mights as well train too, right?! Anyway, then there is the 3-day itself which is a source more of positive excitement, but it is definately something looming. Lot’s of coordination of rides had to be done. Nick will take me in on Friday to the starting point, Marcus will pick me up Saturday from the camp so we can go to Alex’s final game, and I connected with another local walker who will pick me up from the closing ceremonies on Sunday. The appt for the other fillings on the left side are next week – those wont be as bad as todays. Anyhow, all things which justifiably had me having slight snippy-fits :-> Then there was some drama at work with the “boss who shouldn’t be a boss.” I took the high road and handled it, but not without some major cussing fits!! Ah well. All that is left now is the walk – that is a very GOOD thing to look forward to. Yes, there is some mental psyching up to do, but it’s fun. The practical tihngs are done. Gear is gathered. Socks and shoes are properly paired for maximum blister resistanve and comfort. Logistics are arranged. It will all fall into place. I just need to put one foot in front of the other a lot of times, right?

3 thoughts on “Anxiety!

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  1. You have my support sister. I am so proud of you for signing up for the 3 day. I despise the dentist, so you get kudos for going. After I get my health insureace I am going to have to get a crown…Poverty here I come.

    I will call you later.

    Hugs and Smooches,


  2. From the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, you know you have all my moral support this weekend. I’m really proud of your efforts. Let the walk feed your soul.


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