Golden Falcons 6 Pirates 0

For you non-sports fans, forgive me this indulgence. I need to document what this game was like in detail for posterity. The coaches after the game were saying that these boys will remember this game for the rest of their lives. I will too.

The best football game I have ever watched was played today. Both teams were 8-0. Oceanside had never given up a point. Not one! They had generally scored at will early and then could coast to the victory in the second half. While we had played quite a few games like that too, we had never been as dominant. This game was so highly anticipated that we had spectators from other Torrey Pines teams in attendance. Our coach had been preaching “Believe!” all week. Well, he was right. We nearly scored on the first possesion, but then penalties pushed as back and we turned it over on downs deep in their territory. Our defense stopped them immediately. It was on. The hits were hard, chin straps and mouth piece and ear pieces were flying. The key to the first half – really the whole game, was our offense staying on the field. Ball possesion time had to have been 3-1 in our favor. We would chip away one first down at a time, content to real off 3-5 yard plays and keep the ball moving. Finally, for the first time all season, they gave up a touchdown. Our premier runner took the ball in on a 15 yard run with 5 seconds left in the 1st half. The kick attempt for 2 point conversion went *just* to the left so the score was set. Clearly, Oceanside was deflated. That score put a dagger into them. Suddenly, they had to play a second half. And they couldn’t. Their team was not as in shape and ready to play four full quarters as ours. When they would get the ball, they would get it to their premier player, but our guys were always there to either hit him in the backfield and make the tackle, or to slow him down enough for the yardage to be small. Alex had an amaszing game. On offense, he got the tough yards. He made some key first down runs and made a great catch. He also had a ball tup off his fingertips that ended up intercepted. Thankfully our great running back made a fabulous tackle to prevent a touchdown. Another touchdown saver was made by DS2. Oceanside’s ONE go to guy was streaking down the sideline – it looked like he had finally broken one through, but DS2 and Wolfiejr were fast on his heals, with DS2 in the lead. Wolfiejr took a block in the back and the penalty flag flew so we knew even if he crossed the goal line, it would come back to tha tpoint. But DS2 didn’t care, he caught up to that guy and took him down strong at the 7 yard line. Oceanside never touched the goal line – not even on a play called back. Again, a huge psychological advantage. We were in their heads, they were clearly tired. Their linemen had never had to work for a full game!! The game ended on an interception by one of our players and then a quick kneeldown by our QB. The crowd that had built on our side went NUTS. In the stands, my parents and I had been pacing, screaming, stomping our feet, praying – you name it!! It was the most nerve wracking game ever!! And simply the best.
9-0. We go into the chocolate bowl exactly as I hoped – undefeated, playing the title game most likely at 7:00pm. Day 2 on the 3-Day. I can walk the route and get a ride to see the game with plenty of time to spare.
We were so pumped, high and drained that we ended up going for ice cream, but then heading right back to the field to watch our other Pop Warner teams play. We finally got home (our game was at 8am so I’d dropped DS2 off at 7) at 3:00!!
Just an amazing day.

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  1. Okay — so I don’t know much from football, but I’m really glad the boys had such a wonderful game.

    Good luck at the next game boys — and I’m glad you’ll get to see it. (Hopefully it won’t be so stressful that you’ll be needing to pace and stomp your feet at THAT game)


  2. YAY for winning!!!! Give Alex a hug from his crazy Aunt in CT. I have been going to my nephews games. They get so happy when I am there. I hope you are doing well.

    Hugs and Smooches,


  3. This Jewish mother will never let her boys play football, but she loves the game. Loved reading about the Golden Falcons big win. Go team! You guys rock (as Wizard says). Good luck next week.


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