Hello 42

As in 42 years old. Hmm. Not sure if I like that or not!!

I am taking the day off. Slept until 9:15. Oh, that was nice!! Now I am taking down outdoor decorations. It’s a gorgeous, warm sunny breezy day here. I’m enjoying being outdoors for the first time in many days.

Ok, on to resolutions. I think I was about 50% successful with last years. As always, nothing is set in stone and as the year evolves, those things that seem important in January may lose their luster which is fine. Remaining flexible with this is as important as staying focused 🙂 Overall I am happy with 2006 and will continue to build from there.

I really have just one this year: Be more open to people on an everyday basis. My plan for accomplishing this is to make eye contact more often with everyone I see throughout my day. Smile more. Say hello. Make small talk. Listen more. The background to this is that I have always felt somewhat socially awkward and insecure. My nature is to be very reserved. Not shy, just quiet and contained within myself. Which makes me look aloof and unapproachable I know. I don’t like that. I never developed real chatting and small talk skills because I tend to avoid such everyday contact with people I don’t know. Of course, if I let down that guard and chat more, then I will know more people, right? Bingo! It’s not that I don’t feel like I have enough friends. Not at all. But I feel as if it is all or nothing with me. I think it is time to fill in the middle bit.

7 thoughts on “Hello 42

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  1. HEY — 42 you are the answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. 42 wasn’t all that bad (if I remember back that far).

    Good resolutions — perhaps I’ll join you in trying to be more open to everyday people. (Hmm you’re probably too old for this ….

    I I I am everyday people yeah yeah

    (There she goes again with the Motown sound).


  2. Shy, reserved, you? Nuh-uh! Happy 42, my friend. It was a good year for me, and I hope it will be a wonderful one for you. I like your b-day resolution. It’s very attainable with little effort.


  3. Belated Happy Birthday wishes!!

    Neat resolution too. I’m very similiar that way too with people I know vs. don’t know. Best of luck to you.


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